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The Vibrarian feels the space to support the mood you're creating. From calm stillness to dining and mingling to fist-pumping and booty-shaking, Joel reads and feeds the vibe, creating an upward spiral of good feels and positive experience.

Hear these. Get hooked. We've got plenty more for you to listen to.

The Natural FunkSoul Expo mixes come from Thrive Magazine's client appreciation party 

at the 2018 Natural Foods Expo in LA. 

Moby was supposed to DJ but cancelled last minute. I was happy to fill in. (Back story here.) 

The mix: 100% techno-free funksoul jazz roots.

If you need quick music for your own gathering, start with these.

Gateway: my monthly hangout/dance party since June 2016.

The spot for Boulderites to chill in a scene where there is no scene. (If you know what I mean.)

Low-key, unpretentious, active dancefloor, hip sans hipsters.

The mix: global tropical funksoul beats + beyond. 

By now, you're probably hooked on The Vibrarian's sound.

Fortunately, there's a lot more to listen to on our Mixcloud.

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