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You’re innovative, open-minded and creative. 

Your music should reflect that.


Expert and artful veteran Vibrarian Joel Davis dials in the right mood for any setting with unique and eclectic music selections fine-tuned to your needs. 


What’s a “Vibrarian?”


A vibrarian is more than just a DJ. Joel’s curation skill is rooted in his sensitivity as a listener and a human, and his ability to select precisely the right sound from an incredible diversity of genres, styles and eras. 


Joel feels the space and employs music to expand its dimensionality and support the mood you’re trying to convey. From calm stillness to dining and mingling to fist-pumping and booty-shaking, he reads and feeds the mood, creating an upward spiral of good feels, positive experience and, ultimately, mission success. 

Why do I need a Vibrarian?


Don’t get lulled into thinking that setting your dial to “whatever” and forgetting it won’t affect your outcome. Research shows that a mix of unknown and popular music curated to match your brand or objective delivers far more positive results than any other music programming. Indeed, having a sound that people want to stick around for could make or break your performance and help you stand out from the competition (who, let’s face it, isn’t as smart as you and is bombarding their clientele with terrible music).


Think about how the music affects you when you enter a space. Does it engage you positively? Does it intrigue, ar annoy you? Does it make you feel welcome, or have you looking for the exit?


You’re trying to appeal to the type of person who notices these things. If the music is a turnoff, they’re probably not coming back — and they’ll be telling their friends why. “The place with the bad music”: that’s not the reputation you want.


Playing music specifically selected to support your objective is an unobtrusive but powerful tool for achieving your goals. It adds to an overall positive impression that sets you apart from and above the rest. It’ll have the customer/client/guest feeling good things about you and your endeavor.

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